Sunday, 23 November 2014

FEAST opens next

Daren Callow v Nazi Robots continues till 28 November then on Sunday 30 November (from 2pm to 5pm) FEAST opens, the gallery's first ever group show - featuring exciting juxtapositions of sculpture, painting, collage, and print work by Jessie Brennan, Daren Callow, Frog Morris, Susan Plover, Nicole Polonsky, Veronika Spierenburg, and Jacqueline Utley.

In her practice Jessie Brennan explores the representation of places through drawing and dialogue, informed by their social histories and changing contexts. Her work responds to the political, economic and class contexts of specific sites, informed by a direct engagement with the individuals who occupy them.

Daren Callow is a polymath artist versed in comic strip art, amateur dramatics, synth- based power pop, model building and post-ironic comedy. He appears with The Charlie Savigar Band, and This Happy Band.His first ever exhibition Daren Callow v Nazi Robots was held at the Kitchen Window Gallery. 

Frog Morris is an artist, poet, curator and performer. His work often derives from forms of English popular entertainment, such as bingo, pub quizzes, low budget sci-fi and folk song, usually delivered with his own unique subversive twist. 

Susan Plover is a newly graduated student. Her practice questions and navigates the conflicted roles of post war female identity combining personal experience, domestic imagery and ephemera to create narrative laden works. Her current work is a hybrid of collage, drawing, painting and sculpture creating 'a female voice at its heart'. 

Nicole Polonsky uses forms, objects, texts, and media that straddle the nexus between ubiquity and being overlooked. Her carefully calibrated interventions re-present these in new contexts and / or materials. Striving for a minimal, appropriate, response to her chosen subject, Nicole arrives at finished pieces that are pared down and intentionally lacking in expressive gestures. For the artist, the formal simplicity of these works belies the nuanced, sometimes complex, conceptual frameworks that underpin them.

Veronika Spierenburg’s work focuses on several recurring themes, which deal specifically with the fields of tension between bodies and architecture, movement and space. She uses a broad spectrum of artistic methods and media (video works, performances, installations and book projects) in order to research these dynamic relationships. Her projects make use of a visual grammar that is at once reduced, sober, meditative and sensual.

Jacqueline Utley makes paintings of flowers and objects. Her most recent series of paintings look at interior spaces and suggested narratives.

The gallery is situated at 66 Juniper House, Pomeroy Street, New Cross, London SE14 5BY

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Daren Callow v Nazi Robots then FEAST


Daren Callow v Nazi Roberts

to 28 November (see previous posts) then

FEAST - The Kitchen Window Gallery's first group show 

opening 30 November from 2pm to 5pm with

Jessie Brennan

Daren Callow

Frog Morris

Susan Plover

Nicole Polonsky

Veronika Spierenburg

Jacqueline Utley