Tuesday, 16 December 2014

FEAST then The Morris Family Gin Palace

The gallery's first group show 


featuring work by Jessie Brennan, Daren Callow, Frog Morris, Susan Plover, Nicole Polonsky, Jacqueline Utley, and Veronika Spierenburg continues till 2 January 2015 (see previous posts for details) 

then from Sunday 4 January Frog Morris and family present 

The Morris Family Gin Palace 

An ornate stained glass window advertising 

'Ales, Stouts, Wines and Spirits' 

will be created by children using sticky back plastic and sweet wrappers
left over from Christmas in the gallery window. 

Inside, Frog will brew a special ale which will ferment and condition during the run of the show, ready to be served at the opening of the next exhibition

Window Poems

in which he also features. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

FEAST opens

FEAST ~ The gallery's first group show opened on Sunday 30 of November with work by 

Jessie Brennan ~ What Is Necessary Here ? 

Daren Callow ~ Model Spitfire

Frog Morris - They Eat Black Puddings At The Horn Of The Altar Xmas 1445

Susan Plover ~ Five Gold Rings

Nicole Polonsky ~ Ambivalent Bauble

Veronika Spierenburg ~ On The Big Rope

Jacqueline Utley ~ Kathleen, Nancy and Hannah

Celebrating the artists and their work by the gallery window.

Since Susan Plover and Veronika Spierenburg were unable to be at the opening I read out their Artist Statements - photographs by Miyuki Kasahara

Listening station for Veronika Spierenburg's audio cassette work - 
On The Big Rope 2014

Sunday, 23 November 2014

FEAST opens next

Daren Callow v Nazi Robots continues till 28 November then on Sunday 30 November (from 2pm to 5pm) FEAST opens, the gallery's first ever group show - featuring exciting juxtapositions of sculpture, painting, collage, and print work by Jessie Brennan, Daren Callow, Frog Morris, Susan Plover, Nicole Polonsky, Veronika Spierenburg, and Jacqueline Utley.

In her practice Jessie Brennan explores the representation of places through drawing and dialogue, informed by their social histories and changing contexts. Her work responds to the political, economic and class contexts of specific sites, informed by a direct engagement with the individuals who occupy them.

Daren Callow is a polymath artist versed in comic strip art, amateur dramatics, synth- based power pop, model building and post-ironic comedy. He appears with The Charlie Savigar Band, and This Happy Band.His first ever exhibition Daren Callow v Nazi Robots was held at the Kitchen Window Gallery. 

Frog Morris is an artist, poet, curator and performer. His work often derives from forms of English popular entertainment, such as bingo, pub quizzes, low budget sci-fi and folk song, usually delivered with his own unique subversive twist. 

Susan Plover is a newly graduated student. Her practice questions and navigates the conflicted roles of post war female identity combining personal experience, domestic imagery and ephemera to create narrative laden works. Her current work is a hybrid of collage, drawing, painting and sculpture creating 'a female voice at its heart'. 

Nicole Polonsky uses forms, objects, texts, and media that straddle the nexus between ubiquity and being overlooked. Her carefully calibrated interventions re-present these in new contexts and / or materials. Striving for a minimal, appropriate, response to her chosen subject, Nicole arrives at finished pieces that are pared down and intentionally lacking in expressive gestures. For the artist, the formal simplicity of these works belies the nuanced, sometimes complex, conceptual frameworks that underpin them.

Veronika Spierenburg’s work focuses on several recurring themes, which deal specifically with the fields of tension between bodies and architecture, movement and space. She uses a broad spectrum of artistic methods and media (video works, performances, installations and book projects) in order to research these dynamic relationships. Her projects make use of a visual grammar that is at once reduced, sober, meditative and sensual.

Jacqueline Utley makes paintings of flowers and objects. Her most recent series of paintings look at interior spaces and suggested narratives.

The gallery is situated at 66 Juniper House, Pomeroy Street, New Cross, London SE14 5BY

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Daren Callow v Nazi Robots then FEAST


Daren Callow v Nazi Roberts

to 28 November (see previous posts) then

FEAST - The Kitchen Window Gallery's first group show 

opening 30 November from 2pm to 5pm with

Jessie Brennan

Daren Callow

Frog Morris

Susan Plover

Nicole Polonsky

Veronika Spierenburg

Jacqueline Utley

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Daren Callow v Nazi Robots

Daren Callow v Nazi Robots 

A story begun as a child (initially based on his and his brother, Haydn's toys)
synthesized with Callow's growing obsession with Star Wars and World War Two, results in a saga that has continued ever since. 

This exhibition features a remarkable archive of original drawings, badges, comics and ephemera. 

At the opening on Sunday the 26 October all these were made available to be read and studied in a special reading area, and Callow read what might possibly be the LAST episode of the story.

A selection of the archive is now displayed in the gallery window and is viewable 24/7 from the public balcony running outside the flat. 


Friday, 17 October 2014

Last Week of Wish I Was Here then Daren Callow v Nazi Robots

Last week of 

Wish I Was Here by Caroline Gregory

Then . . .

Daren Callow v Nazi Robots

Opening 26 October from 2pm to 5pm

A story begun as a child (initially based on his and his brother, Haydn's toys)
synthesized with his growing obsession with Star Wars and World War Two, results in a saga that has continued ever since. 

At night, Callow, a light sleeper, runs through his story in his mind trying to nail the perfect version.

Daren Callow v Nazi Robots will include an archive of original drawings, badges, comics and ephemera (which can be viewed and handled in a Reading Room) and a specially commissioned, and possibly LAST episode of the story, which Callow will read at the opening. 

This episode will be available as a free publication at the opening.


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Opening Of - Wish I Was Here

Caroline Gregory's installation Wish I Was Here 
viewed from inside the kitchen

& from outside the kitchen

Steve Rushton, Caroline Gregory, Shelly Theodore 

Jacquie Utley and Jo McCormick at the opening

On the balcony running outside the gallery Caroline talks,
and answers questions, about her work

 Wish I Was Here at night

The exhibition continues until 24 October
and is viewable 24 / 7

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wish I Was Here

Wish I Was Here is a work made specifically for
The Kitchen Window Gallery by Caroline Gregory that reflects 
on a housewife's ambivalence.

She is in love.

She feels trapped.

She stares out of the window as she tries to negotiate the difficult space 
that is somewhere between the inside and the outside.
She has been driven mad by ghosts of the past
and demons of the future.

She has reached a trance like shadowy state where she 
is neither here nor there.

Wish I Was Here opens on Sunday 28 September from 2pm to 5pm 
and closes on 24 October. 

Gregory's work often involves the re-appropriation of ingrained beliefs that may be contained in everyday spaces and objects. She plays with found materials, objects and occupied and unoccupied spaces, working to transform meanings contained within the seemingly innocuous.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Current and Next Show


Face Dances by Chris Simonite

to 26 September


Wish I Was Here by Caroline Gregory

Opening 28 September from 2pm to 5pm

Monday, 8 September 2014

Face Dances - Opening and Skype performance

The opening of Face Dances was held on Sunday 7 September 
and included a talk by Chris Simonite via Skype. Towards the end of this Chris performed his Contemporary Art Theme Song and a song titled 
Under A Truck - by his alterego Stan Dickie.

Chris talked about his own work and the Contemporary Art world in Canada.

Below are images of his work installed in the gallery.

The Contemporary Art Theme Song and accompanying dance is viewable here ~


Work viewed from the balcony ~

Work viewed from inside the kitchen

Monday, 25 August 2014

Face Dances

Face Dances by Chris Simonite runs from 31 August to 26 September.

The opening of this show will be on Sunday 7 September from 2pm to 5pm.

Chris - an artist living in Ottawa - will be Skyping with those attending 
the opening at 4pm. 

Click on image for larger version