Monday, 28 July 2014

The Opening Of Kitchen Obscura

In her work Kitchen Obscura Josée Dubeau converts The Kitchen Window Gallery into a giant camera obscura by using mirrored magnifying lens placed directly on the glass of the window. 

By day, with light passing through these into the kitchen, the view outside the kitchen - trees, houses, the sky - is transformed into an upside image 
in each of the circles.

At night this is reversed. 

The passage between day and night transforms the viewing: from the landscape reversed inside the kitchen, to its interior revealed to the outside. 

Using this basic photographic principle it is interesting to see how at night the privacy of the kitchen is fractured like a psychedelic image.

Dubeau's Horizon Lines exhibited in the studio window.

On the balcony outside the gallery, where Josée talked about her work and answered questions.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Kitchen Obscura


Experimental Ceramics by Jude Cowan Montague

29 June to 25 July


Kitchen Obscura by Josée Dubeau

27 July (opening 2 to 4 pm ) to 29 August

‘ How do we relate to architecture and how does it relate to us? 

The relationship between human activities and the organization of space 
seems to be one of cohabitation. 

I am interested in the way space is inhabited and how it inhabits us.

To understand how architecture organizes space according to concepts is an indication of how we conceptualize our activities and how it 
influences our behaviour. 

For the gallery I have created a site specific work, with the kitchen becoming a space of inclusion and transparency. ’ 

Josée Dubeau - July 2014

Sunday, 13 July 2014

BAG Exchange Festival

The Kitchen Window Gallery is included in the BAG Exchange Festival, 
during which members of the Bermondsey Artist's Group - in this case Charlie Fox - invite artists to participate and present their projects.

From 22 June to 12 July 2014

BAG Exchange Festival celebrates Bermondsey Artists' Group's 30 years of activity; a month of dialogue, interaction and exchange across diverse art practice within Southwark and beyond.

The Festival maps members' wider networks as artists, facilitators and practitioners through the culture of artist-led exhibitions, creative partnerships, international residencies, and collaborations with schools and universities that have been core to the group's ethos as well as individual members' practice.

These connections, fostered over the years, rely on sharing of experience and skills with other artists and the public, through ideas, making and dialogue. The festival celebrates the longevity of established partnerships with Cafe Gallery Projects London, alongside new untried, untested exchanges generated by our members.