Tuesday, 16 December 2014

FEAST then The Morris Family Gin Palace

The gallery's first group show 


featuring work by Jessie Brennan, Daren Callow, Frog Morris, Susan Plover, Nicole Polonsky, Jacqueline Utley, and Veronika Spierenburg continues till 2 January 2015 (see previous posts for details) 

then from Sunday 4 January Frog Morris and family present 

The Morris Family Gin Palace 

An ornate stained glass window advertising 

'Ales, Stouts, Wines and Spirits' 

will be created by children using sticky back plastic and sweet wrappers
left over from Christmas in the gallery window. 

Inside, Frog will brew a special ale which will ferment and condition during the run of the show, ready to be served at the opening of the next exhibition

Window Poems

in which he also features. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

FEAST opens

FEAST ~ The gallery's first group show opened on Sunday 30 of November with work by 

Jessie Brennan ~ What Is Necessary Here ? 

Daren Callow ~ Model Spitfire

Frog Morris - They Eat Black Puddings At The Horn Of The Altar Xmas 1445

Susan Plover ~ Five Gold Rings

Nicole Polonsky ~ Ambivalent Bauble

Veronika Spierenburg ~ On The Big Rope

Jacqueline Utley ~ Kathleen, Nancy and Hannah

Celebrating the artists and their work by the gallery window.

Since Susan Plover and Veronika Spierenburg were unable to be at the opening I read out their Artist Statements - photographs by Miyuki Kasahara

Listening station for Veronika Spierenburg's audio cassette work - 
On The Big Rope 2014