Monday, 1 December 2014

FEAST opens

FEAST ~ The gallery's first group show opened on Sunday 30 of November with work by 

Jessie Brennan ~ What Is Necessary Here ? 

Daren Callow ~ Model Spitfire

Frog Morris - They Eat Black Puddings At The Horn Of The Altar Xmas 1445

Susan Plover ~ Five Gold Rings

Nicole Polonsky ~ Ambivalent Bauble

Veronika Spierenburg ~ On The Big Rope

Jacqueline Utley ~ Kathleen, Nancy and Hannah

Celebrating the artists and their work by the gallery window.

Since Susan Plover and Veronika Spierenburg were unable to be at the opening I read out their Artist Statements - photographs by Miyuki Kasahara

Listening station for Veronika Spierenburg's audio cassette work - 
On The Big Rope 2014

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