Monday, 28 July 2014

The Opening Of Kitchen Obscura

In her work Kitchen Obscura Josée Dubeau converts The Kitchen Window Gallery into a giant camera obscura by using mirrored magnifying lens placed directly on the glass of the window. 

By day, with light passing through these into the kitchen, the view outside the kitchen - trees, houses, the sky - is transformed into an upside image 
in each of the circles.

At night this is reversed. 

The passage between day and night transforms the viewing: from the landscape reversed inside the kitchen, to its interior revealed to the outside. 

Using this basic photographic principle it is interesting to see how at night the privacy of the kitchen is fractured like a psychedelic image.

Dubeau's Horizon Lines exhibited in the studio window.

On the balcony outside the gallery, where Josée talked about her work and answered questions.

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  1. Nice project Josee Dubeau. Long live the Kitchen Window!