Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Nicole Polonsky's A DLROW FOR EHT TAKING opened on Sunday 29 March.

In this work Nicole Polonsky offers a site-specific installation which responds to the domestic window as a liminal arena in which the private and public realms meet. Polonsky is interested in this as a locale where gestures towards activism may be performed, and political affiliations, belief systems and cherished hobbyhorses are voiced within the constraining parameters of the surrounding frame.

DLROW FOR EHT TAKING presents a narrative that mines Nicole's past. 

This is the first time within her mature creative practice that the artist has produced an explicitly diaristic piece. Comprising lines of reverse, or mirror, writing inscribed in turn on the inside and outside of the window pane, the text reads correctly only when viewed line by line from opposite sides of the glass. 

By teasingly inviting and hampering the spectator’s engagement with the work, the artist seeks to convey her ambivalence towards self-revelation as source material and subject.

DLROW FOR EHT TAKING continues until Friday 24 April.

Nicole installing the work

Caroline Gregory signing the visitor's book

Jo McCormick signing the visitor's book

Animated discussion between myself and Nicole at the opening 

Steve Rushton viewing the work

By holding mirrors to the window viewers are able to read 
the text written on both sides of the window 

Images by Daren Callow

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