Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Opening of The Morris Family Gin Palace & Live Brewing of Beer

The Morris Family Gin Palace opened on Sunday 4 January
with the installation of their pub sign created by all members of The Morris Family

During the opening Frog Morris commenced the brewing of his 
Burn's Sasanach Stout to be drunk at the opening of the following show Window Poems to be held on 25 January - Robbie Burns Night

Photographs by Calum F. Kerr

Several days later Frog returned to complete the brewing and to pour the Burn's Sasanach Stout into a barrel . . . 

brewing until the opening of Window Poems

Window Poems will feature visual poems made by
Louise Carson (Canada) John "Jazzman' Clarke, Peter Evans, Charlie Fox, Louise Hart, Julian van Hauson, Anna Khan, Daniel Lehan, Jude Cowan Montague, Frog Morris, Marie-Pascale Hardy, Steve Rushton, Tim Siddall, Ted Smith-Orr, and The Vessel.

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