Monday, 26 January 2015

Window Poems Opening

Window Poems opened on Sunday 25 January - Robbie Burns Night - with an afternoon lubricated by a special Sassanach Stout brewed by Frog Morris.

During the event, poets whose poems were displayed in the gallery window, read that poem, or another poem, and there was time to include readings by other poets who came along. 

It was a crowded and highly enjoyable event, inspired by Hugh Bryden and Dave Borthwick's placing of poems in Dumfries windows to celebrate Robbie Burns Night.  

The Kitchen Window Gallery invited  Louise Carson (Canada) John "Jazzman' Clarke, Peter Evans, Charlie Fox, Louise Hart, Julian van Hauson, Anna Khan, Jude Cowan Montague, Frog Morris, Marie-Pascale Hardy, Steve Rushton, Tim Siddall, Ted Smith-Orr, and The Vessel to handwrite, hand paint or collage a poem of theirs for inclusion in the exhibition.

Window Poems will continue unto 27 February and is viewable from the balcony outside the gallery 24 / 7.

Sassanach Stout brewed by Frog Morris

Frog and Maija Morris

Charlie Fox

Daren Callow reading on behalf of Julian van Hauson

Joanna McCormick reading on behalf of Louise Hart

Ted Smith-Orr

Peter Evans

Daniel Lehan reading on behalf of Louise Carson

Anne Robinson

Steve Rushton

Marie - Pascale Hardy

The Vessel

John "Jazzman' Clarke

Gallery Window One

Gallery Window Two

Photographs by Calum F. Kerr and Daren Callow

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